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Grand Jury investigations

An indictment is generally required to charge a felony offense in both state and federal court. Only a grand jury may return an indictment and only a prosecutor is allowed to present evidence to a grand jury. Probable cause, a significantly lower than the level of proof than required to convict, is the burden a prosecutor must carry before a grand jury. The rules of evidence do not apply when a case is presented to a grand jury and while a citizen accused of a crime may testify before a grand jury, his or her lawyer cannot be present while they are being questioned and anything he or she says can be used against him or her.

As a prosecutor, Mr. Cassel has presented cases to grand juries in Smith and Gregg Counties and has special insight into how the grand juries perform their duties. Mr. Cassel has successfully represented numerous clients at the grand jury level.

If you received a grand jury subpoena or a “target letter,” immediately contact us at 903-758-5200. You may be a target or a suspect in a case. Even if you have not received a grand jury subpoena but you have been contactd by police, you may be referred to a grand jury and you should contact a lawyer. We can then determine the best strategy for you.

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